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CUK Ubezpieczenia

Phone: 585 733 237
website: www.cuk.pl
e-mail:  gdansk@cuk.pl

CUK Ubezpieczenia has been consulting insurance products for 17 years, thus facilitating the selection of proper insurance for its clients. Its offer includes products from over 30 leading insurance companies in Poland. Many years of experience translates into the trust of customers using CUK Ubezpieczenia services personally in nearly 300 branches, online – using the OC and AC calculator at www.cuk.pl and by telephone with the help of an independent Contact Center. In 2017, the multi-agency CUK Ubezpieczenia was awarded with the emblem of a customer-friendly company, occupying a leading position among companies from the financial services sale industry. CUK Ubezpieczenia is a leader among insurance multiagencies in Poland and has been successfully creating a customer-friendly insurance world for 17 years.