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PEPCO – wkrótce otwarcie

PEPCO network doubles the number of stores year by year. Our loyal clients are a factor that allows us to dynamically develop and improve our strategy. The choice of shopping malls, the location of our stores is not accidental. Here we find the right space that allows us to maintain a high standard of sales and display, but also guarantees the proximity of other points, eg food operators, with which PEPCO perfectly complements, creating a comprehensive commercial offer.

PEPCO is a European discount chain that offers clothes for the whole family and home products at the lowest prices. It has been dynamically developing in Poland for over a dozen years. Today, PEPCO customers can shop in over 1,600 stores, in 11 European countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania and Latvia. Each month, our stores are visited by over 15 million customers throughout Europe.

Our main goal is to provide customers with the products they need every day to dress their family and decorate their home at the lowest prices. In the Pepco offer, the customer can find 38 assortment groups, which include, among others, clothing for children and adults, accessories and accessories, cosmetics, toys, school supplies and a wide selection of home items. The sale also includes licensed and seasonal products related to, for example, holidays, holidays, and the start of the school year. Approximately 60% of the range is made up of clothes, while 40% are other products.